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We are very devoted to the work we do and strive to achieve the unprecedented results no matter how small or big the project is. It is on these principles that we have earned an excellent reputation with property managers and owners. With all the necessary tools and low offers -  you can be looking outside your windows with perfect clarity. Tony, the Window Cleaner - will clean interior and exterior windows, mirrors, chimneys and more in the BOP area, particularly Rotorua & Whakatane.
We specialize in professional cleaning of all types of windows as screens, tracks, frames, sills, skylights, mirrors, and other glass surfaces. We offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual window cleaning services and window washing services.
Aside from our regular professional window cleaner services, we also offer Chimney clean and repair services. 
We clean the inner and outer part of the windows by gaining access from inside.
If necessary we use ladders, extension poles, or descent from the roof using special high rise equipment to gain the access from the outside.
Window Cleaning Rotorua

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